Welcome to Innovate 10x. We transform businesses with innovative, high quality, digital products.

Technological innovations of the digital age have made it possible for companies to do business in new ways and creating opportunities, that can transform the businesses and their revenue models. Our innovation center has a dedicated innovation team focused on helping you take advantage of these opportunities.
What's Our Vision?
We create business value through digital innovation.
What's Our Mission?
We are an engine of creativity for the rapid digital disruption that drives transformation, growth and sustainable development for our clients, partners and colleagues in the Caribbean.

What are our values?

We value:

A safe place for exploration, creativity, failure and disruption

Humility and respect, but will challenge the status quo

Collaboration and openness

High ethical standards, and adhere to this in everything that we do

Being the best in everything we do

New insights, curiosity and a willingness to share knowledge

Short Story About Our Company

April 2017
Concept is created
Through the foresight of our equity investor and anchor, Jamaica Money Market Broker, the concept of an Innovation center focused on bringing the best-in-breed digital technologies, resources and services to the Caribbean and Latin America was born.
February 2018
Registered Limited Liability Company
Innovate 10x became registered as a limited liability company in Jamaica. Innovate 10x agenda to be the engine powering digital disruption in the Caribbean and Latin America markets.
August 2018
Innovate 10x opened it’s innovation incubator center offering coworking spaces and training services. Prior to opening its doors, all coworking spaces were sold out.

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