Innovation Incubator Services

Innovation Incubator Services

Our innovation incubator services are part of our 10X Bigthinker© solution set. As part of this service, we offer:

– 10X Bigthinkers© Co-working spaces

– 10X Bigthinkers© Custom Training services

– 10X Bigthinkers© Solution Prototyping, Solution Testing, and Solution Showcase (Display) Services

Coworking Spaces

Access to a desk space (1 desk)
Access to 3 desks.
Access to 6 desks
    • Approx. 95sq ft per person
    • Access to Reception and Waiting Area
    • Hi-Speed Internet 
    • All Amenities included (i.e., electricity, water, cable, kitchenette, water, coffee)
    • Business address, mailroom and small locker space
    • Security Available
    • Formal Coworking Space Agreement
    • Access to other start-up professionals and network opportunities if needed
    • Flexible terms for exit
    • Meeting Rooms 
    • Printing and Copying Services
    • Ample parking Spaces
Training and Workshops
Our digital innovation and transformation training and workshops are designed to equip businesses to confidently conceive, lead and execute digital innovation initiatives and develop new business models for their organisation. With the help of our training partners, we deliver short courses on the latest trends in digital technologies (e.g., IoT, BlockChain, AI) as well as frameworks (e.g., Design Thinking, Open Innovations) tailored to your business need.
Solution Prototyping, Solution Testing Services, and Solution Showcase (Display) Service.
Using our solution development partners, we develop digital solution prototypes to your specifications. We also offer space for the promotion of digital products, allowing consumers the opportunity to test and review digital products that are either still in the conception phase or fully-developed and ready-to-market.

Want to learn more about how we can help, please contact Antonette Clarke at 876-881-5983 or via email at for more information.

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